Be Musically Fit!!


Playing the violin
To exercise musically, we play and practice our instrument regularly.


Free Printable On The Resources Page!  

To be physically fit, we exercise our body and to be musically fit, we play exercises on our instrument. Since I teach many of my students virtually, I am creating worksheets that I can send to them by email or in the Tonara app and screen share during the lesson. We are not sitting together any more in the same room, looking at the same music and playing on the same instrument so we have the opportunity to use technology to connect musically. I  have adapted by getting the program “Classroom Maestro” so I can share my keyboard during virtual lessons and I have adapted my teaching style to guide students to learn by exploring. I use the worksheets I am creating to introduce and reinforce note reading, rhythm and improvisation. Then, students can practice these exercises during the week. I am putting together a bundle that I will be adding to my Teachers Pay Teachers store and I am working to put my materials and music in the app SuperScore!! Enjoy the free download on the “Resources” section of my website and watch my YouTube videos to improvise and learn exercises to play. Many exciting new things are coming from Musical Fitness!!!

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