Be Musically Fit

Humans are creative beings and we all have a right to express ourselves artistically. We are creating musical exercises and workouts to help piano students of all ages and levels become more fit musically. 

  Whenever we learn a skill, we must put in the time and effort required to improve.

When I have a goal to run a marathon, I have learned that I need a 6 month training program that includes running 5 or more days a week, cross-training, stretching and strengthening exercises. When students come to me to learn piano, we talk about their experience if they have any, and their goals. In private lessons, I can take an individualized approach and give a student exercises in reading, rhythm, improvisation and technique and we choose pieces of music that are meaningful and inspiring to that student. I have had great success with teaching and taking private lessons over my lifetime, but that world changed with the recent pandemic and in person private lessons have changed for this present time. This website can supplement private lessons or stand alone as a way to learn music and piano. Find the time to feed your individual, artistic nature and if you choose music as your art, then I hope you find inspiration and exercises to improve your skills while expressing your true inner self.